Certified Boom Inspection
     Our company is 100 percent endorsed and authorized by the manufactures to do inspections and welding repairs, Also we can provide you with an insurance accord at any time you request it for peace of mind. CBI is a professional Inspection and repair company that can provide many referances if the need arrises.

welding trade school graduate
A.W.S. Certified Welder (U.S.)
D.I.N. Certified welder (German)
Schwing Certified Independent Boom Inspector
Schwing Certified welder
Putzmeister Certified Independent Boom Inspector
Putzmeister Certified welder

   You can always contact the manufacture directly to ask any questions about my company or any other inspection companies and there abilities
Schwing Jim Mielke 612-845-8286
Putzmeister Don Gerou 262-884-6342 or Alan Woods 360-600-5695


   Inspection and welding and travel rates are only discussed either in person or over the phone or e-mail, you can call or text and e-mail me anytime I will be more than happy to discuss pricing and give you a quote. Our work area is basically the noth east United States, no out of country travel. But if you are willing to pay travel costs then any state is open for business to us.